A successful application is determined by a number of factors. We can spot the weaknesses in an application and the issues of a specific instance because of the exposure we’ve had to hundreds of different scenarios over the years. Our skill is in anticipating future problems and finding a solution in advance, ensuring only success as a result.


We begin by assessing the client’s motives and needs in order to determine the optimal Citizenship by Investment or residence option for them. We make certain that the client’s nationality and personal circumstances allow him or her to apply for the chosen program; if not, we locate another option. At this point, we extensively prequalify the client’s citizenship application and seek a copy of the passport for security purposes. The following factors could cause an application to be rejected:

If the case presents difficulties, we pre-screen it with the Government beforehand to obtain their approval in principle. At this stage, the client proceeds to sign our Retainer Agreement and we officially start working on the application.


Each case is assigned to a Document Officer who assists the client with document collection. On behalf of the client, we were able to secure the majority of documents. At this point, the Document Officer creates a specific checklist for the client and family members, which includes a comprehensive list of documents needed to prepare a successful application. Please note that each case requires special papers, and we produce Affidavits to explain this to the government in their absence and when permitted. The following are some of the most important documents:


We submit the case to the relevant Ministry of the respective country after the file is finalized. The government confirms that it has received the file and that all documents have been delivered in good order. The dossier is then forwarded to the government-appointed Due Diligence bureau for background investigations.


After the Due Diligence agency’s investigations are completed, they issue a report that is reviewed by the government. At this time, the may seek additional supporting documents to clarify certain points raised by the background checks. After Due Diligence is completed, more than half of the cases now require additional papers, which presents substantial issues. Working with an expert Citizenship Advisory Firm at this time can mean the difference between the application being rejected or approved.

Due Diligence takes two to three months on average, while some nations offer a faster process for an additional government cost, which reduces the process to about five weeks.


The government issues an official Approval Letter whenever they are pleased with the documentation and proof given. At this point, the client is asked to send the Donation or Investment (whatever they choose previously) as well as any applicable Government fees.

We seek a copy of the swift provided by the customer’s bank once the client transfers the requisite payments to guarantee the Government can trace the monies without delay. We communicate directly with the relevant local banks and present all required documentation to ensure that the monies are cleared as quickly as possible.


Citizenship certificates are usually granted one month after the government has confirmed receipt of the payments. A government official must seal and sign the Citizenship Certificate. We will apply for passports after the Citizenship Certificates have been granted. The Passport Office, which is separate from the authority that processed citizenship, issues passports. Passports are issued in one week’s time or less. We can get them within 24 hours in emergency situations.

Citizenship Certificates and Passports are received in our offices and given out to the client in person. We could even courier the client to their nation of residence for their convenience.

Application Process