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There will be no business and no trade if a corporation does not have a bank account. This is why our connections with local and international institutions, ranging from private banks to commercial and investment banks, are so important to us. In many circumstances, we can setup and operate a corporate account in as little as 5 days. In most cases, though, the account should be ready and functioning in two to three weeks. From our offices in Dubai, we frequently set up overseas bank accounts for clients while also handling their business activities to a high degree of substance.

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Adeniyi Associates has amassed commendable expertise in offering effective corporate restructuring solutions based on customer requirements, with over 20 years of experience in the field. Adeniyi Associates is an expert in the following areas due to its unrivaled understanding of worldwide governments and financial policies

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Documents required to open a corporate bank account in Dubai:

Corporate Banking in Dubai

Local “Emirati” banks and international bank branches are the two types of banks in the Emirate of Dubai. In Dubai, there are over 50 banks, albeit several of the Emirati banks have consolidated in recent years. It’s worth noting that the UAE’s Central Bank regulates all banks in Dubai.

Almost every firm, onshore or offshore, will need a bank account at some point to conduct business. For UAE Mainland companies with a valid Trade License, opening a corporate bank account in the UAE is a relatively simple operation. Customer due diligence or identification requirements, on the other hand, may vary based on the size and activities of the company. Opening a bank account for an offshore corporation in Dubai, on the other hand, has become more complicated, but not impossible.

The following is a general outline of the procedure:

1. The Bank will require typical corporate paperwork from the company in order to verify the entity’s legal existence.
2. Companies that are owned by other corporations must present a complete set of corporate documents in order to determine the structure’s management and ultimate beneficial ownership.
3. If the corporate shareholder is from another nation, these documents will need to be notarized/legalized in both their home country and the UAE.
4. All personnel associated with the company – from account signatories to Directors, Shareholders, and UBO – must be subjected to thorough due diligence.

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Our clientele range from Forbes' top 500 billionaires to CEOs of well-known firms, legislators, entrepreneurs, and C-Level executives, as well as individuals who are stateless and lack a country. Some of our clients have been saving for years to ensure the future of their families. Every case is unique to us, and we treat it with the highest care and attention.

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Corporate Banking Services