You don’t need to break the bank to move to another country, but moving to another country isn’t cheap. It isn’t just packing your bag and relocating to another country; it is also expensive. You need to plan financially for it because you’ll be stuck if you don’t. On social media, everyone talks about how important it is to seek a better life in a foreign country. Those who had finally relocated share their stories of how moving abroad changed their life. They also encourage you to do the same, but they don’t understand and talk about how expensive it is. Now, let’s have the conversation you’ve been waiting for. How much does relocating to another country cost?


: Having your passport is the first step to relocating as you need it for everything. And if you’re living in a country like Nigeria, you’d understand that getting a passport now is a challenge and not just financially, but it’s expensive due to the scarcity of passports. So, it would help if you got your passport sorted out before proceeding with your application.

English Tests:

Not all country requires this, but if you’re looking to move to an English-speaking country like Canada or the United Kingdom for work or as a permanent resident, you need an English test, and this costs money too. After your passport, the next thing you have to pay for is your English test, and this is only if the country you’re moving to requires this.


If the immigration pathway you’re considering is citizenship by immigration, you need to have your funds for your account ready for this as soon as possible. Have the funds before you get started.


You have to verify your educational certificates using an accredited verification partner for some relocation plans, which isn’t free. It costs money too. It’s important to note that not every relocation pathway requires you to verify your educational certifications. For example, if you’re looking at getting citizenship by investment or residency by investment, you might not be required to verify your certificate. Most countries want to see that you have the money necessary to invest in their projects, and they do not necessarily care about you verifying your credentials. However, if it’s a requirement, you have to take care of that.


We’ve emphasized that relocation is not cheap, which is why you need to plan effectively, so you’re not caught unaware of the expenses. No matter the immigration pathway you’ve chosen, you’ll need to pay an application fee. The fee is different for every country and the more your dependents, the more money you need. So, don’t forget to do your research and add the country’s application fees you’re interested in into your list.


Even when you get your visa, it might shock you that the expenses don’t stop. You need to book a flight to take you to your destination, and we don’t know if you’ve heard, but flights aren’t cheap at all. We know you’ll say, “let’s get the visa first; we’ll worry about the flight later.” We understand, but add it to your financial plan.


The significant needs of man are food, clothing, and shelter. Of course, you don’t plan to live under the bridge when you arrive in your new country. Therefore, it’s essential that you also arrange for your accommodation.

Having the money to process your passport and visas and even settling in another country isn’t easy, but it makes your process swift. If you want to relocate, make sure you start planning so you won’t be overwhelmed or running around to get help when the time comes. Subscribe to our blog; we promise we won’t spam you.

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