Immigration Favours Women More and Here’s Why

Immigration has been since time immemorial, and it’s not going anywhere. With different countries creating new immigration pathways, it’s clear that immigration is here to stay. But what if we tell you that immigration favours women?

We know you might be rolling your eyes now, asking yourself what are they saying this time? How does seeking permanent residency or second citizenship favour women and not men? Isn’t that a sexist assumption? Well, we stand our ground, and we’re here to give you reasons why. Most people who seek immigration seek this for better opportunities, and it’s no surprise that most people looking to immigrate are from third-world countries like Nigeria.

In countries like this, gender-based violence stands out, especially against women. Domestic violence, child marriage, female genital mutilation, employee discrimination, widow maltreatment, and more are the order of the day. Women do not have many rights and are treated as second-class citizens. It is so bad that parents choose their male kids to get educated, marrying their daughters off because they believe women shouldn’t be educated in some families. The best thing they need is marriage. Women who come from countries like this get a chance to experience what it is like to live and work in a country that values the right of people, especially women.

You can get the chance to have an education

We’re not saying women in third world countries do not get an education, but with relocation, nobody gets to say things like, “you’re going for a Master’s degree? With a Masters, you won’t find a husband as men like educated women.” So, you can get an education for yourself confidently without side comments.

You can fight violence

In some countries, when you report abuse, you hear things like, “what were you wearing, and why are you speaking up now?” At least, one thing we’re sure of with second citizenship is when there’s a case of abuse, the government will follow it up. Even when it comes to abusive marriages, you can report your abusive spouse to the government and get justice.

Equal opportunities

It’s an open secret that men and women do the same jobs in some countries, but women get paid less than their male counterparts. This is a thing in developing countries, but if you get a second passport, we’re not saying this discrimination will not exist, but it will be better than a country where women’s rights are nonexistent.

No child marriage

For most countries where the rights of women are not looking good, child marriage is a thing, but if women have the opportunity to relocate to a country where kids, especially females, are allowed to be kids, with no fear of your child forced to get married to a man old enough to be her father. Another advantage is that you can rise to the top of your career: Nothing can stop you from rising to the top in your job if you want to because when you work hard, you’ll get rewarded.

You have rights

Unlike some countries where women aren’t allowed to drive or rent an apartment without bringing a man, immigration gives women better opportunities. With permanent residency in a country where women’s rights are essential, you can be whoever you want to be without society limiting you because of your gender.

If you’re a woman still wondering if leaving your country is a great idea, especially in a country where women’s rights are a myth, the answer is yes, it is a great idea. Immigration favours women, and that’s why at Adeniyi Group, helping you move to your desired country is our priority. So, visit our website to get started.

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