Six Ways to Relocate to the United Kingdom

Have you ever wondered why the United Kingdom is the top destination of most people looking to relocate? There are so many reasons people choose to relocate to the United Kingdom. Aside from the excellent education, the job opportunities, and the beauty of the United Kingdom, English is the official language, is also icing on the cake.

The United Kingdom is a beautiful place and is immigrant-friendly. A large number of people from various countries come to immigrate to the UK and make something for themselves because the environment allows them to thrive. If you’ve been thinking of relocating to the United Kingdom, you’re on the right path. We’ve shared six ways to relocate to the United Kingdom in this article.

How can you relocate to the United Kingdom legally?

Student Visa

This is the fastest way to relocate to the United Kingdom. The first step is applying to an accredited university for an undergraduate degree, masters, or a Ph.D. Once you’re done with your application, and you’ve gotten the admission, you should pay your fees deposit or the complete payments and have your living expenses in your account for 28 days before you apply for your visa.

Family Visa

If your spouse, partner, or parent has been living and working legally in the UK for a while, they can apply the family visa route for you. There are three categories of visa, spouse, parents, and child. With this visa, you can join your loved one in the UK for more than six months as a dependent.

Global Talent Visa

is for exceptional talents in academia, arts, or digital technology. There’s a whole process for this, but it’s a legal way to get permanent residency in the United Kingdom if you have the skills they need. Do your research regarding the global talent visa and find out if you are eligible.

Health Workers Visa

It’s no news that health workers worldwide are in demand, especially in the United Kingdom. In the past years, we’ve seen an influx of Doctors and Nurses from Nigeria and other countries move to the United Kingdom as healthcare workers to practice in their field. You have to write a couple of exams and pass them before you relocate to the United Kingdom.

Entrepreneurship Visa

If you have a fantastic business idea that you’re sure will fly, you should apply for the entrepreneurship visa. You need to make the application in your country three months before your intended travel date. Well, this route is not cheap. You need to have a minimum of £50,000 available to proceed and be constantly engaged in business. If you’re looking to go through this route, you should read extensively on the Tier 1 Entrepreneurship Visa and everything you need to know about it.

Refugee Visa

As the name implies, the path to permanent residency should only be for people coming from a country in crisis. We do not advise you to apply for this visa if your country isn’t in trouble. This visa is temporary because it’s only open to displaced people. After all, they are not safe in their country. You can apply for this visa from the United Kingdom; you don’t need to go to a UK embassy close to you to apply for this visa.

We’re sure you have a clear idea of six ways you relocate to the United Kingdom from the tips above. However, if you’re lost, you can reach out to us on to help you process your application, as we’ve helped so many people with their immigration dreams.

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