Top 5 Countries to Get Permanent Residency in Europe

Not everyone’s immigration destination is North America. So, if you fall under this category, uninterested in Noth America, and you’re looking to get permanent residency in Europe, this article is for you.

There are many reasons people prefer Europe to other continents in the world. The beauty, the history, the weather, the art, everything about Europe is fantastic. So, we understand when people insist they want to move to Europe instead of other countries. Loving and wanting to move to Europe isn’t enough; it’s also essential to find a country with a permanent residency path, especially if staying back is your priority.


With the Golden visa popular in Portugal, you can get a permanent residency. All you have to do is purchase a property or donate to scientific research or art. The critical thing to note about this immigration pathway is that nothing about it is cheap, but what good thing comes easy. You need to spend a generous amount of money on either a piece of real estate or art or science research. In your first year of getting the golden visa, you have to stay in the country for at least a week and two weeks until you get your permanent residency in the second year. Before committing to this visa, make sure you read extensively on it and be sure it’s what you want.


This beautiful country bordered by Turkey, Egypt, Syria, Greece, Lebanon, and Israel has fantastic citizenship by investment programme where with 300,000 Euros, you can get a purchase a government-approved real estate property which has to be seen as a development in the country. To apply for citizenship, the investment needs to be done a year before your application, and you also need to be present in Cyprus at least once in 24 months. To be a citizen, you have to have spent up to a year in the country with your government-approved property. It’s pretty on the high side; it’s better for high-net-worth individuals who want a second passport.


Nothing about Spain’s citizenship by investment is cheap, but if you can afford it, then it’s easy. To apply to Spain under the residency by investment programme, you need at least 500,000 Euros to get started. That’s a lot of money. We agree too, but it’s for the greater good. You should check Spain out for people who can afford it and are looking to get second passports. However, when you get your residency every two years.


This is a country in Europe, but it depends on where you are because Turkey is also part of Asia. Getting a residency by investment or citizenship in this beautiful country is not rocket science, but it’s not cheap either. There are several options to apply for citizenship by investment in Turkey. For example, you can invest in real estate of around $250,000, have $500,000 in a fixed capital contribution, deposit $500,000 in a Turkish bank account or create a job. The application is approved in 120 days, and you’ll be able to get citizenship for yourself and your family members.


To apply for citizenship or residency by investment in Malta, you need to invest around 350,000 Euros in real estate or donate 650,000 Euros to Malta’s social fund. If you’re applying with a spouse or partner, an extra 25,000 Euros is required. When it comes to applying for citizenship, you have to stay in Malta compulsorily for a year.

We hope you have a clear idea regarding five countries to get permanent residency or citizenship in Europe with this article. Remember that you need to have money to apply to these programmes as they aren’t cheap. You can check out other articles for immigration programmes that work for your budget and check out our website for more information.

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