Why Portugal Is the Top Destination for Business Owners

Have you ever wondered why most business owners are moving to Portugal? Or why it’s an excellent opportunity for investors from across the world? Portugal is gradually becoming the most welcoming country in Europe. With many young investors flocking into the country, there has to be a reason why people love Portugal, especially its beautiful capital Lisbon.

Residency Opportunities: The government offers different kinds of visas for foreign talents. The golden visa helps non-EU/EEA residents permit for five years when they invest in Portugal, and they have to be present in Portugal for seven days a year. This visa allows you to travel around Europe and enjoy every other benefit of being an EU resident. There’s the tech visa for tech talents interested in living and working in the EU. The Startup visa is given to entrepreneurs interested in creating job opportunities. Finally, the D7 visa provides foreign citizens with a stable income who want to live in Portugal and gain a residence permit. With the enormous residency opportunities, it’s understandable why Portugal is a top destination for business owners.

It’s in Europe: It’s old news that Europe is a great continent with natural resources, history, art, nature, and every good thing you need when you’re a tourist. The transportation network is accessible too, and with a visa, you have access to so many countries around Europe. Aside from the fact that investors care about their business, they also want relaxation, they want to have fun, and that’s why Europe is a top destination for them. They want to put in the work to grow their businesses and have a fantastic time visiting different cities and enjoying cultures when they are ready to have fun.

The weather: Some of the coldest countries in the world are located in Europe, but Portugal is the sunniest country in Europe. Most investors are from tropical or sunny climates. With the weather in Portugal, especially in the capital Lisbon, you don’t have to worry about coping with the weather. The winter in Portugal is mild, and if you’re from a region where it doesn’t snow, Portugal will be like home to you.

Vibrant culture: The culture in Portugal is rich and welcoming; it’s one of the reasons people love Portugal and foreigners feel safe in the country. The Portuguese people are welcoming to immigrants; that’s why there are many immigrations plans to cater to foreigners who want to call Portugal home. Oh, don’t even get us started with the wine. You’ve not had good wine until you’ve tried a glass of wine in Portugal.

Football: Think of a weekend; after a hectic day running your business in Portugal, you go to the stadium to watch the Portuguese football. You already know by now that one of the world’s greatest footballers Ronaldo is from Portugal, so it’s clear that this country holds football games in high regard. We’re emphasizing the fun part of Portugal because all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. And while we want you to achieve astronomical growth in your business, we also want you to make Portugal your home. Having fun and enjoying everything this city has to offer is one of the significant ways to achieve that. So, if you love football, you’re definitely in the right place.

The people: Portuguese are friendly, and as we said earlier, they love immigrants and are fascinated by them. Unlike other countries, which often announce that they are “building a wall” to prevent immigrants from coming into their country and stealing their jobs, it’s different in Portugal as they are happy that you’re considering their country. You want to make their country home.

Safety: Portugal is one of the safe countries in Europe, so if safety is your concern which it should be, you should look at Portugal.

Do we wonder why Portugal is a top destination for business owners who want permanent residency and a second passport? We hope this article has cleared your doubts. Also, don’t forget to follow our website adeniyiassociates.com for more information regarding moving to Portugal.

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